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Supplement Information

Vitamins & Supplements

At Liberty Chiropractic we believe that you are what you eat. The same holds true with supplements. All supplement companies are not created equal. The quality of supplements can vary greatly from company to company. What you can get down the street at your local drugstore, or even many health food stores is often made from sub-par ingredients and contains mostly fillers.

Liberty Chiropractic is pleased to offer high-quality, GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice) Anabolic Lab vitamins. Some of the products we have include:

Vitamin D

Ultra K2-D3 – 60 tablets, 2,000 IU

One of the most powerful immune system boosters, Vitamin D helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and almost any condition known. Also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” research has shown that almost everyone is Vitamin D deficient, even those who live in Florida! It is a must have for everyone.
Also available: Clinical Vitamin D-3, 60 tablets – 5,000 IU


MultiVitamin – 60 or 120 tablets    

Our diet is greatly deficient in basic vitamins and minerals. Due to soils with less nutrients and modern processing methods, it is very difficult to get enough nutrients from food alone. A lack of proper nutrients has been linked to nearly every disease. Taking a daily multivitamin provides the missing nutrients in our diets.



Clinical Magnesium – 90 tablets
Magnesium has a variety of benefits. It boosts energy and metabolism, prevents muscle spasms and supports the nervous system. Magnesium has also helped people sleep better while preventing TMJ and restless, achy legs.


EPA/DHA Fish Oil – 60 or 120 tablets

Our bodies need more Omega-3 than Omega-6 to function properly, but the majority of people have significantly more Omega-6 in their bodies. To help correct this ratio take EPA/DHA from Fish Oil daily. These supplements support almost every function in the body; including joints, mental/emotional health, heart, nervous system, skin, hair and eyes.

Can’t make it to the office and need to order something online? Douglas Labs is another high quality supplement company that offers a drop shipping program that will deliver products right to your door. Go to Douglaslabs.com, and create an account. From there you can order what you want, including vitamin D, K, magnesium, and fish oil. They have several choices for each product depending on your needs.